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Endorsements & Awards



2011 IBPA Benjamin Franklin "Best First Book Award"

2010 Independent Publisher's "Living Well" Award, 2nd place/Home and Garden category  

2010 National Indie Excellence Awards, Home & Garden, Finalist

Library Journal's "Best of" List


The Library Journal

"In this extremely useful book, Ricchi, a Florida building contractor, introduces homeowners to construction contracting in understandable language. She discusses how to avoid common pitfalls and survive the entire process. The purpose here is not to defame contractors but to make readers knowledgeable customers. Planning, pricing, and many other important factors are neatly explained. This specialized book is highly recommended."

 Lee Walender in About.com/Home Renovations

Hiring a contractor? Get educated. Doctors, lawyers, and auto mechanics: the deck is stacked against you, Poor Consumer. Add to that list the contractor.

Licensed Florida contractor Kia Ricchi, in her book Avoiding the Con in Construction, spends quality time exposing some of the fraudulent techniques of unsavory building and remodeling contractors.

Yet her book is far more than an indictment of these CONtractors (as she calls them). It's a blitzkrieg education in how to work with contractors, with an emphasis on what many homeowners may consider the "boring" side of the process: contracts, insurance, permits, process, and so on.

Boring? Not in Ricchi's hands. If you intend to hire a contractor for a major project, ask yourself this: Why would you not spend the nominal amount to buy this book and potentially save yourself thousands of dollars and heartbreak?

Read the entire review at About.com

Don Vandervort in HomeTips.com

In her book Avoiding the Con in Construction, Kia Ricchi offers a wealth of experience that is sure to minimize the pitfalls of working with contractors and other construction professionals. In friendly, easy-to-read language, Ricchi organizes and explains every facet of the construction process, from planning to completion. If you intend to remodel or build, this book is a must-read!

Salvador A. Jurado Jr., Esq.

I just finished reading "Avoiding the CON in Construction". It was great! This book is very easy to read, extremely informative and very practical. I highly encourage any homeowner that is thinking of taking on a construction project to read it. It will definitely help keep the homeowner out of trouble.

Greg Crow, National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies

In construction, tools are essential. This book is a beneficial tool for both the homeowner and contractor.  It is a good guide to help you have a successful home building, renovation and repair experience.

Douglas Harvey, executive director of Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF)

"An informative and important book that every property owner should read before taking on a construction project." 

Rick Watson, Esq.

"A well-written, easy to understand book that every home owner should read BEFORE construction starts!"

 Marlys Davis, owner of Palm Construction School

It's an informative read for anyone planning to hire a contractor or anyone new to the industry."

RoseAnne Homola, Conference & Special Events Manager, Reed Exhibitions

"As a leading events organizer, Reed Exhibitions must continually deliver informative and educational programs to our attendees. Kia Ricchi provides unique and interesting content in an engaging manner. Her program reviews has been exceptional."

 Allyson Peters, Executive Director, BOMA Orlando

Kia brings to your attention in a fun atmosphere all you need to know to make sure your contractors have been screened and are up to date of the most crucial elements of owning a business.  Our members will use her education I am sure for many years.