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With over fifteen years of general contracting experience with residential, commercial and government entities,  we work with public and private entities to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions to persistent problems associated with construction.

Government: We help reduce construction related fraud by bringing together the state agencies that regulate contractors. From the insurance and licensing agencies to the departments that oversee consumer affairs, we analyze  and solve problems through teamwork and the participation of industry experts. We also develop informative articles, videos, and PSAs to shed light on contractor fraud and how to avoid it.

Private industry: When it comes to unqualified contractors and unsound contracting practices, many stakeholders are at risk. We work with banks, insurers, property management companies, and any industry that regularly hires contractors. 

Individuals: Whether you are planning a small repair, remodel, or the construction of a new home, the same contracting procedures generally apply.  We demystify the construction contracting process so that you can make informed decisions-helping to ensure that your project is done correctly, on time, and on budget without undue exposure to risk. You'll learn how to:

  • Develop a concise and inclusive scope of work that details what, exactly, the contractor will do
  • Research the contractor's license and insurance, as well as his or her construction history and personal background
  • Recognize proposal and contracts that are one-sided an unfair. 

In addition, you learn about permits and inspections, and how it benefits you. Pitfalls such as liens, jobsite injuries, and other costly events are explained.