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Avoiding the Con in Construction

Building, Remodeling? Read all about it

Kia's book, Avoiding the Con in Construction, is a written for homeowners in a language they can understand.  It is for the people who want an inside look at construction contracting so that they can make wise decisions when hiring and working with contractors.  This is what makes the book unique.  It is a book about "how to contract," not "how to construct," and it is for the general reader, not the general contractor.

Avoiding the CON in CONstruction

Did you know that:

    contracts are written to favor the
      author, that is, usually the contractor?
   liens can cause you to lose your home?
   without a Scope of Work, your costs
      could easily double?

Avoiding the Con in Construction is a roadmap that helps steer you away from the pitfalls of contracting. With this book in hand, you won't be left in the dark the next time you undertake a construction project.

This is what others are saying:

Library Journal Review - June 1, 2010 "In this extremely useful book, Ricchi, a Florida building contractor, introduces homeowners to construction contracting in understandable language. She discusses how to avoid common pitfalls and survive the entire process. The purpose here is not to defame contractors but to make readers knowledgeable customers. Planning, pricing, and many other important factors are neatly explained. This specialized book is highly recommended."

"In construction, tools are essential. This book is a beneficial tool for both the homeowner and contractor.  It is a good guide to help you have a successful home building, renovation and repair experience."
Greg Crow, former president and present chair of National Association of State Contractor Licensing (NASCLA) Publications

"An informative and important book that every property owner should read before taking on a construction project." 
Douglas Harvey, executive director of Building Officials Association of Florida (BOAF)

"It's an informative read for anyone planning to hire a contractor or anyone new to the industry."
Marlys Davis, owner of Palm Construction School

"A well-written, easy to understand book that every home owner should read BEFORE construction starts!"
Rick Watson, Treasurer of Building A Safer Florida, Inc. (BASF)

"Recommended and verified by Rip-off Report as an excellent guide to NOT getting ripped off!"
Ed Magedson, founder of Rip-off Report