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Audio CD

Did you know that when the crew arrives on the jobsite, the job is half finished? Surprising, isn't it. That is because people often overlook the work performed before the job breaks ground. For example, the job was defined on blueprints and specification, contractor's licenses and insurance were verified, proposal and contracts were negotiated, and permits were obtained.

Contracting Confidential contains over three hours of audio addressing these essential contracting topics and more. In addition, you'll hear from a licensed construction attorney,  insurance agent, bonding agent, LEED certified architect, and a LEED builder.

The fourth CD contains contracting forms and charts to help you work effectively with contractors. This documents include lien release forms, a list of contruction activities to help with the scope of work development, and much more. This data disk also contains the 198 pg manuscript that can be printed.

With this information in hand, you will have the knowledge and language to help ensure the success of your project.

The Contracting Confidential CD-Set is sold out. Stay tuned for the digfital download.