Hurricane Matthew rebuilding

Your Home As A Patient-Rebuilding after a storm

I’m frequently asked how to handle rebuilding after a storm-especially when there is a shortfall of competent contractors. The answer? Stabilize and then repair correctly. After a storm, there is an influx of scam artist who steal deposit money and do shoddy work.  Consequently, you are well served to follow these guidelines:

  1. Review your property damage and consider life safety issues like structural collapse and electrical fire. If your home is compromised, do not attempt any repairs unless you are a licensed professional like a GC or electrician.
  2. If your home has minor damage, stabilize your home. For example, if the storm breaks a window, you can prevent future water damage and theft by installing plywood over the opening.  Again, if you do not have the ability to use a circular saw and screw gun, your best bet is to let professionals do the work.

After a storm, don’t succumb to high pressure sales tactics because this is a common technique of scam artists. Once storm damage occurs, it generally won’t get much worse.  So take your time and make thoughtful decisions.

Hurricane Mathew is poised to hit Florida. To verify if your contractor is licensed and insured by the State of Florida, check their credentials at


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