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The Contractress Presents...Using state website to find good contractors

With hurricane season in full swing, I am often asked to give presentations about how to find and properly contract with contractors for post-hurricane repairs. Sometimes I am invited by local government to participate in hurricane readiness events; other times senior citizens groups, as well as crime prevention organizations, contact me.

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Wrapping It Up-Building Is Fun But Moving In Is Best

The final phase of construction is exciting even though there is a lot to do. The plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems must be operational with their fixtures in place. Flooring and trim must be installed. On the exterior, landscaping is planted but only after the lot has been graded to shed water away from the house. When you build a house, there are many steps. But ... More »
© Tobias Franoszek © Tobias Franoszek

Rough In-The Building Systems

Kia explains how plumbing, electric and air is installed in a new house. Even a remodel or a building addition will require these systems.

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Constructing the Shell-The Building Blocks

Once the foundation is poured, it is time to build the exterior walls and roof. This shell must withstand forces such as strong wind. Concrete, steel, and wood are popular building materials that meet this requirement. Building additions must also be stable and securely attached to an existing home.

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Weatherizing & Roofing-Keeping Your Building Dry

Kia shows techniques used to weatherize your home. Insulation, for example, slows the conduction of heat while house wrap helps stop the moisture in air from entering your home. Roofing products, such as roofing felt, flashing, and shingles, also keep moisture out. When you spend money to build a house, make sure you protect it from damage.

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Foundation Work-When You Build A House, You Better Get This Right

Before the foundation can be poured, several important tasks must first be performed. The footer must be excavated and the rough utilites, such as electric, water, and gas, must be placed. The soil is treated for termites and covered with plastic so that moisture does not enter the house. Then the concrete is poured and screeded, floated, and troweled to a smooth and level ... More »
© Tobias Franoszek © Tobias Franoszek

Sitework-The first step when you build a house or an addition

When you build a house, clean and stable soil is essential to a foundation's ability to support its weight. If clay or muck is present, it must be removed or your house may settle.

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Framing Facts-Building A Sound Structure

Kia talks about important framing topics such as wood types, framing methods, and hardware used to prevent uplift. When you build a house, it needs to be structurally sound.

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