Keeping Up With Elevation Issues

In construction, while large loaders shape the ground underfoot and tall cranes fly supplies overhead, it is easy to be swept away by the massiveness of it all.  Even a modest project, let's say the construction of a house, is an impressive collaboration of man and machine.

But sometimes the most crucial undertakings go unnoticed. For example, the important work ... More »

The Contractor's License-An important credential that should be in place for renovations, repairs, and new construction

Many states use licensing as a means to regulate an activity, particularly one that requires a high level of skill and is deemed dangerous when performed incorrectly. Professionals are often licensed because unqualified practitioners can cause harm. A state may require the licensing of professionals in law, finance, real estate, construction, and other occupations.

... More »

Contractor Insurance-Avoiding loss when you remodel, repair, or build a new home

Risk is an uncertainty you assume everyday and sometimes it can result in loss. Insurance is a resource that protects you against major financial loss because the risk of loss is transferred to the insurance company. In exchange for a small fee (the premium), you are likely protected against potentially large losses.

In construction, insurance is essential not only to ... More »

Finding Your Initial Contractor Candidates When You Build a House or Remodel or Repair an Existing One

Have you ever wondered why some building projects come off without a hitch while others drag on, draining your energy and funds? The outcome often depends on whether you hired a tip-top team of good contractors or a ragtag team of ne'er-do-wells.

Qualified contractors are essential to the success of any building project. Whether you hire a general contractor or work ... More »
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The Key to Productive Inspections When You Build A New House or Renovate An Existing One

Most contractors agree that once a building project breaks ground, the job is halfway done. Yes, it is true. It takes as much time and effort to design, estimate, contract, schedule, and permit the work as it takes to build it!

Obtaining a building permit is one of the final pre-construction ... More »

OSHA Imposes Stricter Fall-Protection Requirements To Help Protect Contractors

Because falls are the No. 1 cause of workplace death, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is tightening up regulations designed to protect workers from this deadly type of accident. In December 2010, OSHA withdrew an exemption that allowed residential builders to bypass fall-protection requirements. As of June 16, 2011, OHSA rules stipulate that all ... More »

Eat Your Heart Out, New York

New York City is a melting pot of various cuisines and the International Restaurant and Foodservice Show of New York reflects this diversity. This trade show, where I presented information about construction, showcases new trends and products in the restaurant industry. From sushi to sorbet, there were tasty treats to sample at most booths. Equipment and products ranging from ... More »

A Peek at the Past

When I visited Colorado recently, I noticed that the town of Frisco transported several historic homes to its Historic Park and Museum. This park is a great place for families to "go back in time" and see how life was in the early 19th century.

Back in the day

Rustic homes, called "shebangs" were surrounded by saloons that served homemade whiskey ... More »
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